Your needs

In a preparatory meeting we would discuss what you want your walk to achieve.

Is it to be a “thank you” event for established clients?  If so, probably an entertaining walk as part of a fun evening for people with whom you have already established a relaxed working relationship.  

However, if the group is made up of potential or newly acquired clients, perhaps including some from overseas, the relationship is more fragile and you want the assurance that these hard earned contacts will be made to feel special.  In this context you need your City Guide to be as good an ambassador for your firm as your own fee earners. A small, intimate group visiting some of the City’s most memorable landmarks can provide a perfect context for nurturing these relationships.

Alternatively the brief could be to entertain 20 summer placement students for an evening.  Although this event will seem more light-hearted than some of the challenges that you pose for your interns, it is also an opportunity to make your firm stand out from the others  eager to secure the best graduates.

Most clients are happy to leave the detailed planning of the walk to us. However there may be circumstances where you wish to do a dummy run: go out and about with your guide and choose the sites that you would most like to be incorporated into a special event.


Your needs