Rising from the ashes

The Great Fire of London in 1666 changed the face of the City forever.  For four days the crowded wooden buildings burned. The losses were staggering. The fire ate up 430 acres of property. 80% of the city was destroyed, including 13,000 houses, 89 churches, and 52 Livery Halls. The heart of the capital was reduced to rubble and smouldering ash.

During our walk we will see how Londoners responded to this catastrophe. The rebuilding programme which followed the fire was a springboard for the City’s transformation into a trading and financial centre of worldwide importance.

As well as visiting some of the magnificent buildings which the rebuilding of the City has bequeathed to us, we will learn about  characters such as Pepys, Wren and Charles II who played critical roles in raising the City from its ashes.

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